[Game Update] - 1112

Release Date: 11/03/2018

Update Information:

Update 1.1.12 - 11/3/2018

- The Hallowed Nights are upon you. Existing worlds, with the Event world settings set to Auto, will have Hallowed Nights content retrofitted into the world. To create a world with all current and future events disabled, set the Event world settings to None.
- Search for a unique Moon Rock Boulder that falls during Meteor showers to discover new Celestial crafting.
- Twitch item drops will be available to streamers and viewers.
- Character clothing selection screens updated to use new collection UI in single player mode.
- Added clothing presets to the lobby and wardrobe screens.
- Recent Encounters screen has been redone.
- Profile icons now used in chat and player status screen.
- Sort functionality added to item collection screens.
- Improved server listing performance.
- Sorting mode in Server Browser screen is now remembered.
- Server names and descriptions can now be hidden locally.
- Klei dedicated servers now have their own icon in the Browse Games screen.
- Details will now load for all servers listed in the Server Browser.
- Lucy will no longer act like she was just equipped every time you travel to and from Caves.
- Fixed audio bug when reading a Book while holding a Staff.
- Fixed bug where irreplaceable items could be removed if hit directly by a meteor.
- Fixed animation bug with Werebeaver becoming invisible.
- Fixed bug where digging up an occupied Burrow did not release a Moleworm.
- Fixed “Thingamabob” names in player inspect screen.
- Fixed crash sometimes when unravelling items.
- Fixed crash sometimes if crafting station is destroyed right before you finish prototyping a recipe.
- Target locking and cycling move to left control stick. Press once to enable locking, press again to cycle targets.

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