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[Game Update] - 111190

Release Date: 05/04/22

Update Information:

Update (Xbox One - released May 4, 2022)

  • Fixed auto attack speed.
  • Fixed Warly's spiced Volt-Goat Chaud-Froid dishes not charging WX-78.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Bio Scanalyzer's scan ring to become invisible if a scan failed and restarted too quickly.
  • Fixed missing inventory icons on new skins.
  • Fixed fireflies using bugnet durability without being caught.
  • Prevented the character talk animation from cutting off the end of some some animations.
  • Added talking sounds to Wigfrid's refusing to eat animation.
  • Bottomless Pit, Stone Kiln and Carved Stone Torch skins are usable on all platforms now, and have been upgraded to Timeless rarity. A new Loyal variant is available on the Klei Rewards page.
  • Updated Credits.

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