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[Game Update] - 1120

Release Date: 03/05/24

Update Information:

event_cover (800x450) EN.jpg

Update 1.12.0 (Nintendo Switch - released March 5, 2024)

The Year of the Dragonfly Event is Now Available!

It's Lunar New Year, and we're off to the races! You'd better quit dragon your feet and climb aboard a decked-out Dragonfly boat if you want a shot at winning gold!


  • Make offers to the Dragonfly Shrine to start building Dragon Boat Races.
  • Compete against friends or Charlie's shadow agent in daring high seas competitions of speed and maneuverability.
  • Construct longer and/or more elaborate checkpoint configurations to really test your mettle.
  • New Skins!

New Skins!


Masquerader Survivors Chest, Part II 
“This Masquerader Chest contains skins for: Wanda, Wigfrid, Wurt, Maxwell, and Wilson.”

And Away We Go!
That's it for now. For those of you who have read the 2024 Roadmap, we want to thank you for your kind words and support. We're all very optimistic that this is going to be a great year and we welcome more of your feedback, keep it coming! If you haven't seen the 2024 roadmap yet, check it out here.

We know you're all very eager for more information about the next update and we will have information for you soon.

We'll see you next time.  

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