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[Game Update] - 283

Release Date: 11/16/23

Update Information:

Don't Starve Together Patch 2.83 - 11/16/2023 (PlayStation)

  • Koalefant Carcass now lasts 40% longer while being devoured by Hounds.
  • Improved performance for Lunar Hail and Ice Crystaleyezer.
  • Added mime animation for Wes while sitting on a chair.
  • Added new strings for examining the Grainy Transmission in different situations.
  • Table decor will now drop to the ground if the Table is deconstructed.
  • Fixed a crash related to burning a Wooden Chair.
  • Fixed W.A.R.B.I.S. armor set steam effect happening after que armor piece is unequipped.
  • Fixed W.A.R.B.I.S. lines remaining visible after the hat has been unequipped.
  • Fixed bug where players could incorrectly use the deploy action while mounted.
  • Fixed hunts not taking into account the last dirt pile for total hunt time.
  • Fixed some cases where attack inputs would sometimes get canceled unexpectedly with Lag Compensation turned off.
  • Fixed some cases where action controls could lock up unless you moved your character.
  • Removed a frame delay when initiating or repeating actions while you are already close enough to your target.
  • Fixed some cases where action controls could be dropped if they were pressed at the same time as releasing movement controls.
  • Fixed bug where Lunar Guardian II procs from projectiles that hit after switching to a Brightshade melee weapon.
  • Fixed the Hunt trail forcing a Varg when the variant was defeated already.
  • Fixed Wigfrid's Moon Warrior Cuirass having overlapping skirts when worn.
  • Fixed W.A.R.B.I.S. Armor going invisible in the back view when activated.
  • Fixed the Saladmander's fire attack being off theme.
  • Fixed perishable items not taking into account whether they are stored in shadow dimensions.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when jumping into Worm Holes.
  • Fixed animation bugs with some emotes while sitting on a chair.
  • Fixed animation and inventory image bugs for Table Vase skins.
  • Fixed inventory image bugs for Framed Drawing (or Empty Frame) skins.
  • Fixed Wormwood's Guest of Honor skin leaf particles and eyebrows.
  • Updated ghost for Wormwood's Guest of Honor skin.

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