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[Game Update] - 265

Release Date: 02/13/23

Update Information:


Don't Starve Together Patch 2.65 - 02/13/2023 (PlayStation)

  • Curios and characters can now be used when in offline mode, but they can still only be obtained while online.
  • All Year of the Bunnyman foods are classified as Goodies now. 
  • Cost of the Year of the Bunnyman foods corrected.
  • Fixed a crash case with the Cozy Bunnyman pillow's names.
  • Fixed a crash when a player wins the Carrot Game.
  • Fixed a crash when giving a Cozy Bunnyman stacked Birchnuts.
  • Fixed Bunnymen having too many arms when walking side to side.
  • Fixed getting stuck when failing to Heave-Ho a mast.
  • Fixed more cases of boats intersecting physics objects and flying across the world.
  • Fixed boats not moving when structures were placed at the edge of the boat.
  • Lag compensation will be temporarily ignored while on boats to stop teleporting off into the ocean when the boat is moving.
  • Added back Wurt's missing book reading phrases.
  • Fixed player character's hair blinking when taking off hats on a Beefalo.

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