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[Game Update] - 157

Release Date: 09/12/19

Update Information:

Don't Starve Together Update 1.57 - 9/12/2019 (PlayStation 4)

Tree’s a Crowd
Every character has their story, and with each refresh, secrets will be revealed. See what new surprises Woodie has to share with you here:

With the effects of the moon stronger than ever, Woodie has finally embraced his wild side. Armed with two new were-forms and a (knick-)knack for controlling his strange curse, he's ready to face anything the Constant can throw at him.

Check out the new things included in update 1.57!

Added Turn of Tides content, new features:
- New Boat Mechanics: Don’t sink together! Build and deck out a boat large enough to carry you and your fellow Survivors across the sea.
- New Seafaring Crafting Menu: Craft everything you’ll need to hit the high seas.
- The Lunar Island: Explore a strange lunar landscape filled with bizarre creatures.
- New Lunar Island Biomes: Discover 3 new biomes loaded with valuable new resources, craftables, and fearsome enemies.
- Enlightenment: See the world from a new perspective as your Sanity is replaced by an all-new Enlightenment meter.

Woodie has been refreshed. Key changes:
- In addition to Werebeaver, Woodie now has two new transformations that specialize in different things, such as combat and locomotion.
- A random transformation can be triggered by repeatedly consuming Monster Meat (or prepared dishes like Monster Lasagna).
- A specific transformation can be triggered by consuming one of the three new craftable idols made with Monster Meat.
- The Log Meter has been replaced with a Were-Meter that appears only during Woodie’s were-forms.
- The Were-Meter drains constantly, and Woodie reverts to Human form once it runs out.
- Performing specific actions will extend Woodie’s time in each were-form.
- During fullmoon, Woodie is forced into a random transformation (once per fullmoon), and the Were-Meter drains at half the speed.
- Reduced Woodie’s sanity drain while in were-form.
- Woodie no longer gains sanity when planting trees.
- Woodie no longer needs to eat wood.
- Woodie has a 50% higher chance to spawn Treeguards.
- Like the Werebeaver, all new were-forms gain night vision and some weather resistance.

Warly can now eat Seasonal and Special Event food items.
- They cannot be seasoned in the Portable Seasoning Station.
- Halloween Potions will not trigger his repeated food memory.

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