[Game Update] - 142

Release Date: 04/11/19

Update Information:

Don't Starve Together Patch 1.42 - 4/11/2019 (PlayStation 4)

- Don't show "Recent Discoveries" in the main menu until the daily gift box has been opened. We don't want to spoil the surprise!
- Fixed a crash when creating or resuming worlds in Offline mode.
- Fixed a hang when creating or loading a world.
- Improved the damaged save data popup.
- Armor will no longer take damage when evading an attack during Soul Hop.
- Sand Spikes, Meat Bulbs, Relics, Balloons, and Nightmares will no longer spawn Souls.
- Sand Spikes, Relics, and Balloons will no longer trigger Abigail or Wigrid’s Battleborn.
- Fixed some typos in Wortox’s speech strings.
- Fixed bug with controller targeting when using a Pitchfork as Wortox.
- Fixed missing sounds for some of Wortox’s emotes.
- Fixed the size of Equestrienne Headdress when dropped on the ground.
- Fixed the oval portrait for Random Character in the Lobby’s Character Select.
- Fixed bug where Fire Staff could be casted on a Night Light, resulting in a crash.
- Fixed bug where murdering a stack of creatures only counted as one kill.
- Fixed bug with burnt Deciduous Trees and stumps not decaying over time like other trees do.
- Creatures that die in traps near Wortox will now spawn souls.
- Fixed animation layering bugs during Soul Hop.
- Fixed various Wortox skins bugs.
- Fixed a bug where the player would disappear briefly when dropping something heavy while riding a beefalo.

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