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[Game Update] - 112

Release Date: 01/19/17

Update Information:

Don't Starve Together Patch 1.12 - 20/01/2017  (PlayStation 4)

  • Added Year of the Gobbler content
    • Gobblers are appearing more than normal!
    • Build a shrine to appease the Gobblers and receive Red Pouches from them.
    • Make offerings to the Gobbler Shrine in return for unique items like Red Firecrackers, Red Lanterns, and more...
    • Hounds are known to be easily startled by the sound of Firecrackers.
    • Perform the Lucky Beast Dance properly with your friends to receive a major sanity bonus.
    • Adopt a cute little Giblet at the Critter Den.
  • Fixed players sometimes having their characters reset when resuming co-op games in Offline mode
  • Fixed a crash when using the Trade-Inn
  • Fixed a crash when redeeming a code
  • Fixed a rare crash during gameplay

WARNING: The game will crash if you use firecrackers near ice hounds. The problem was found and fixed after the patch was already submitted to Sony. Another patch for this is on its way but in the meantime just don't do it!

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