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[Game Update] - 600904

Release Date: 04/02/24

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • “Infinite” stacks are now capped at 4,294,967,296, for safety reasons.
  • Using the Scaled Furnace to destroy creatures is naughty.
  • W.O.B.O.T. now only stores items in chest-like containers (chests, ice boxes, bookshelves).
  • W.O.B.O.T.'s deploy helper will now only show up when positioning a crafting recipe.
  • Adjusted boat placement with controllers to reduce flickering.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed W.O.B.O.T. trying to store items indefinitely into Crock Pots or Sunken Chests.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to swap ammo or tackle with the “Set Ammo” or “Attach Tackle” actions.
  • Fixed Scaled Furnace's destroy feature not being accessible on controllers.
  • Fixed Scaled Furnace not being able to destroy empty containers.
  • Fixed Living Logs not screaming when destroyed in the Scaled Furnace.
  • Fixed crash when chopping a Scared Stiff Knobbly Tree.
  • Fixed a bug with the spawning of Wagstaff’s Abandoned Junk.
  • Junk Piles will drop loot correctly when destroyed by Werebeaver’s Tail Slap.
  • Fixed Scrap Wall item not fixing the Scrap Wall.
  • Added missing footsteps during Scrappy Werepig’s tackle.
  • Fixed Scrappy Werepig respawn timer restarting during a world reload when it is fully buried.
  • Fixed bug where Scrappy Werepig was sometimes not blocking teleports after being defeated.
  • Fixed bug where Scrappy Werepig would permanently forget how to rummage for multiple weapons at once after being teleported at low health.
  • Fixed bug where Frostjaw can sometimes get stuck if they dive under the ice right as they are defeated.
  • Treeguard are no longer immune to Lunar Spores.
  • Lunar Fun Cap added to scrapbook.
  • Fixed missing moon Scared Stiff Sapling item name.
  • Fixed Pirate Monkeys not steering right.
  • Fixed Ancient Key position being hidden when you drop a Thulecite Medallion even if you have another one in your inventory.
  • Fixed Friendly Fruit Fly from getting stuck when interrupted while dancing.


Notes to Modders

  • SetIncineratedSound has been deprecated and removed use inst.incineratesound or the other murdersound variables on health and murderable components.

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