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[Game Update] - 578580

Release Date: 10/26/23

Update Information:


Hallowed Nights Returns!

Players can once again discover tricks and treats around The Constant. Fill your candy bag to the brim and satisfy your sweet tooth with all sorts of sugary seasonal treats!

Dress Spooky!
Temporary spooky costumes are also available to everybody for a limited time, so enjoy them before the event ends and they go back from whence they came!

Join the party!


All Survivors Guest of Honor Chest” ($15.99usd)
This Guest of Honor Chest contains every survivor's complete set of Guest of Honor skin items.

Trick out your base!


That's not all. During Hallowed Nights, logging in for the first time will earn you a "Trick or Treat Chest" containing the new Hallowed Woodworking collection.


And more treats!
Items from the Hallowed Nights Collection and Costume Collection will have increased drop rates for the duration of the event as well!

Change List:


  • Hallowed Nights have been enabled.
  • Bright-Eyed Frog no longer sleeps.
  • Armored Bearger butt stomp no longer damages twice (previously ground pound damage was also added separately).
  • Varg hunts are no longer always guaranteed when the Lunar Rift is open, unless you are on that step of the quest.
  • Koalefant Carcass now lasts 40% longer while being devoured by Hounds.
  • Added mime animation for Wes while sitting on a chair.
  • Added new strings for examining the Grainy Transmission in different situations.
  • Updated Chinese Localization.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed W.A.R.B.I.S. Armor keeping its speed boost after being unequipped while charged.
  • Fixed W.A.R.B.I.S. armor set performing the sync even if the piece that is supplying the charges is unequipped.
  • Fixed bug where a Varg or Ewecus disguised as a Koalefant corpse may sometimes never reveal itself.
  • Fixed bug where Mutated Varg can sometimes summon too many Hounds.
  • Grumble Bees and Klaus’s No-Eyed Deer will no longer target Vines spawned by Wormwood’s Lunar Guardian II, or Shadow Tentacles spawned by Thulecite Club.
  • Fixed animation bugs with Bearger and Armored Bearger Figure.
  • Fixed animation bugs with some emotes while sitting on a chair.
  • Fixed Wanda’s Diviner Dress having invisible legs.
  • Fixed Wormwood’s Guest of Honor skin leaf particles and eyebrows.
  • Fixed bug where controllers could incorrectly use the deploy action while mounted.
  • Fixed hunts not taking into account the last dirt pile for total hunt time.

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