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[Game Update] - 554561

Release Date: 04/27/23

Update Information:

From Beyond: Taking Root

As the power struggle between the moon and shadows escalates, the pressure is mounting for our Survivors. Loyalties will be forged and tested as new rifts start to slowly expand...

New Features

  • Rifts spewing lunar energy will begin to open in the world, either by defeating the Celestial Champion or by server settings.
  • The first creatures to spew forth are very interested in gardening.
  • New and powerful equipment can be crafted from these extra-planar thralls, with the right crafting station.

This content is part of a 3 part set of content updates in the "From Beyond" arc and is available today on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. Nintendo Switch will be coming soon, it takes a little longer there. 

Don't Starve Celebrates 10 Years!

Can you believe it? 10 years of Wilson, the Survivors and the Constant. From our humble beginnings as a Chrome app to well over 25 million copies all around the world and we haven't slowed down yet. Countless updates, bug reports, hot fixes, puzzles, fan art, and even some songs (Beefaloooo!). Don't Starve wouldn't be what it is today without our fans. We've watched some of you grow up and we've watched ourselves grow up.

We're not perfect, but we truly do try our hardest to do the best we can for you all and we hope you feel the same love from us that we feel from you.
Thank you. From all of us. 

To celebrate we have a few gifts for you. This post is going to get rather large, so hang in there with me please. 

We got together and signed a poster for you!
Unfortunately we couldn't print and send out a poster to all 25+ million of you, but we did make a high rez poster that you can print yourself. Both a signed and unsigned original Thank You poster made for DS10 is available on the Klei Rewards page for free. We've also added another special signed and unsigned version as vignettes in Don't Starve Together. 


We updated the hell out of the original Don't Starve!
I literally don't know how many bugs, balance changes and QOL updates are in the new update for Don't Starve that dropped today. But it's a lot and you can get more details about that here.


Big thanks to @DiogoW for joining our team with this effort. He's now our "Secret Projects" guy working on a bunch of things we've been dying to do for Don't Starve Together, and we look forward to sharing more info in the future. 

Free Anniversary Login Bonus in Don't Starve Together. 


The Celebratory Science Machine and Celebratory Cake Chest are available for free for a limited time just for logging into the game. We'll add these to Klei Rewards at some point in the future, but if you want them now, go get 'em!

We also have some new skins for sale in the game. The Complete Verdant Chest and the Blooming Verdant Chest are now available. 

All the Streams!
It would be absolutely insane if we didn't take a moment to thank our streamers. And to do that we have given our Ambassadors 10 bundle codes of item skins and a bonus code for 10k spools for Ambassadors to give to their viewers. So go head over to an Ambassador stream, check them out for your chance for one of over 3000 codes up for grabs. 


We've also made a brand new Ambassador page to make it easier for you to find our Ambassador streams at any time. You can check that out at the top of the forums or this link here

Our own Stream!
We're also going to be hosting our own stream later today where we'll be taking about "Taking Root" and revealing some info about what's coming up in the next update and what the heck is going on in "From Beyond"

Be sure to click the follow button on the Klei Twitch channel to get alerted whenever we go live: https://www.twitch.tv/kleientertainment

Feel free to use our handy widget below to see when the Dev Cast goes live in your area: 

New Twitch Drops!


We're offering a new set of streaming drops over on Twitch.tv. Check out this post for details.

New Merch!

puft dst motd Updated 1900x1080.png

Brand new merch is now available in the Klei store. Available in the online store for the first time is our Puft Plush and Soft Spots! We also have a limited edition Don’t Starve 10th anniversary shirt launching today. Finally we have restocked two posters (Monster Party and Wilson Cover) and added five brand new ones (Charlie Throne & Thorns, Ultimate Survival Inventory 2.0, Griftlands Cover Art, Oxygen Not Included New Hero Art, and Don’t Starve 10th Anniversary Art). Pick them up while supplies last!

A hint at things to come
We also wanted to give you a little taste of the next update. If you don't want spoilers, don't click below and just move to the next section. I know it's tempting, but be strong - you can do it, I believe in you. 


This is a sample of the gear you will be able to acquire if you choose to take advantage of the powers that Charlie will bring into the world in the next update. 
I know, right?

I think that's it! 
It's probably also worth mentioning that all but the newest skins are on sale right now and Don't Starve Together is currently on massive discount on all platforms. (Up to 90% off!)

We're already well on our way into the next couple updates. And we'll have more information about that soon enough. But for now, that's it for this post. As always, here's a nice link for some spools, just for being you. If you have any friends or family that pick up the game during the big sale, make sure to let them know because you can get a lot of great stuff with the 10k Klei Points in that link!

Till next time friends, Thank you. And have fun out there!

Change List:

New Features

  • Rifts spewing lunar energy will begin to open in the world, either after defeating the Celestial Champion or by server settings. 
  • The first creatures to spew forth are very interested in gardening.
  • New and powerful equipment can be crafted from these extra-planar thralls, with the right crafting station.
  • New Punching Bags for combat analysis are available to craft.

Notes for Modders

  • Map:FindRandomPointWithFilter function added to allow easier creation of sample-rejection map sampling.
  • UIAnim:GetBoundingBoxSize() has been added as a convenience wrapper for getting the width and height of the element.
  • Added PLAYER_CAMERA_SEE_DISTANCE and PLAYER_CAMERA_SEE_DISTANCE_SQ to use for checking if a position is outside of normal player camera viewing.
  • The tag “lunarplant_target” and “plant” combined will let the lunar creatures target a plant.
  • SWAP_FACE adjustments have been made for: Warly, Winona, Willow, Wes, Wes on a Beefalo, and Wonkey.
  • AnimState:GetVisualBB() has been added to get the size of an AnimState at the time of calling. This value will change over time during animations. It returns the minimum x,y and maximum x,y coordinates with the AnimState scaling taken into account and can be used to know how far away horizontally or vertically art is going to be able to be drawn from the entity origin without any projections taken into consideration.

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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