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[Game Update] - 538959

Release Date: 01/19/23

Update Information:


Let's get ready to slumber!! The Year of the Bunnyman has begun!

To celebrate the Year of the Bunnyman we have added a new activity in the game, some new item drops and some new streaming items!

  • Summon Cozy Bunnymen to the surface for a slumber party.
  • Join in the frivolity of pillow fighting and "spin the carrot".
  • Formally challenge one or more Bunnymen to a Pillow Fighting Pit for a chance to win Lucky Gold Nuggets.
  • Buy different grades of Pillow to both arm and armor yourself for the Pit.
  • Purchase old items and new snacks as well as new Rabbit Lamps to decorate your base.

We've also added some new skins to the game. 


The Masquerader Survivors Chest can be purchased in a chest for $8.99 usd and contains skins for: Willow, Warly, Wortox, Wes, and Woodie. As always, these items will be available as drops in game and are also weaveable using spool. 


The Mosaic Mushlamp will join the Art Nouveau collection. Check out the post for more details

And that's it for now. The team is well on it's way to finishing out the roadmap and some of the team is even working on content for the 2023 content schedule. We'll have a new roadmap coming up rather soon. You're going to need to hold out a little longer but I promise, it will be worth the wait. Bold statement, I know but we're pretty excited and we think you will be too. See you next time!   

Change List:

New Features

  • Bunnyman Shrine added.
  • Cozy Bunnymen added.
  • Pillow Fight Pit added.
  • Pillow weapons and armor available at the Bunnyman Shrine.
  • Rabbit Lamps, Nightcap and new snacks available at the Bunnyman Shrine.


  • Adjustments were made to Woodie’s Snowfallen skin’s forehead and cheeks.
  • Adjusted Wes’ Snowfallen eye colouration to be slightly blue.
  • Adjusted Wormwood’s Snowfallen skin to have more shading.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Wortox getting permanently stuck red when loading a world in a dying state.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Ancient Guardian and cavern spider webbing.
  • Fixed Wendy’s Usurper's Handwraps having spots of no colour.
  • Fixed Wes’ The Fool having different hair when in the custom idle animation.
  • Fixed Werepigs skipping an animation during attacks causing it to snap to the next animation.
  • Fixed a leg detachment issue in Woodie’s Weremoose animations when running upwards.
  • Fixed all base skin character hands to have less transparent spots where colour should have been.
  • Fixed Wormwood’s Moonbound base skin having green hand leaves in the custom idle animation.
  • Fixed the Puppy Cap having a different shading for the ear muffs in certain viewing angles.
  • Fixed Merms chopping down Winter's Feast Trees.
  • Fixed Lazy Forager not playing sounds when being repaired.

Notes for Modders
Pickable component using TheWorld as the picker will now issue a new event pickedbyworld with the same parameters sent as the event picked.

You can join in the Discussion Topic here.
If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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