[Game Update] - 445248

Release Date: 12/15/20

Update Information:


The days have been filled with tilling and toil,
Gathering seeds and nourishing soil,
In hopes that the crops will produce at their best,
(Just make sure that you keep a sharp eye out for pests!)

The Reap What You Sow Update is now live. With this new update we have made substantial changes to farming in Don't Starve Together. We also have a little bit of extra holiday fun to share and new Twitch Items as well!

Key Points

  • Survivors can now plow fields and sow seeds to grow the crops of their dreams
  • Each vegetable has their own unique plant with preferred growing seasons and type of nutrients
  • Stay close and tend to your crops and you will be rewarded.
  • Neglecting crops won't be the death of them, but you might regret it.
  • Be sure to cull weeds before they become a problem
  • Use the Gardeneer Hat to research plants and track your progress via the Plant Registry 
  • Farm like the Ancients with the Premier Gardeneer Hat and learn your plants’ every desire
  • Added the Seed Pack-It to help organize all your seeds.

Other Changes

  • Added Winter’s Feast Adornments for the Ancient Guardian, Misery Toadstool, Crabking, and Crabby Hermit. (If you have already completed the Crabby Hermit storyline, the Crabby Hermit will trade her adornments for Empty Bottles and the special Crabking Adornment can be achieved by socketing 3 or more Iridescent Gems).
  • Applied Horticulture has been republished as two separate books. The first book, Applied Silviculture will cover your basic resource needs while the second book, Horticulture, Abridged, will grow all things edible.
  • Basic Farms and Improved Farm can no longer be crafted. Farms in existing worlds will continue to work as normal.
  • Wormwood is now affected differently by each type of fertilizer.
  • Wormwood is not affected adversely by the Spiny Bindweed and Firenettles
  • Wormwood can determine a plant’s needs without the use of technology
  • Wormwood and Wurt will no longer suffer a sanity drain for being wet
  • The Compost Wrap has an additional heal over time effect.
  • Disease has been removed.
  • Adjusted the Bunnyman’s loot table
  • The random plant chosen from Seeds is now affected by the season.
  • Feeding a Bird in the Birdcage a veggie, will return one seed of the same plant.
  • Birds in the Birdcage will now eat raw monster meat but not cooked eggs
  • Improved the Spoiled Fish and Spoiled Fish Morsel loot when hammered.
  • Added Moth-Eaten Chest.
  • Added new Vignettes.

Bug Fixes


Bug fixes:

  • Players can now combine stacks of objects when the target is floating in the ocean.
  • Fixed the item pickup animation not playing when using the integrated backpack layout.
  • Fixed a bug causing birds to count seeds in the players inventory when determining if it should drop a seed or not (this made seeds rarer than they should have been).
  • Fixed a bug causing certain items (like ocean fish) to drop into the water when moving them between inventories while over water.

Note for modders


Notes for Modders

  • Containers now have a priorityfn allowing containers to specify high priority items that should go into the container instead of the inventory. This runs on the clients and server.
  • The fertilizer component’s SetHealingAmount function has been deprecated and replaced with a fertilizable component. See wormwood’s prefab as an example.

TLDR for beta players


Here are the changes that have gone in since the last beta update.

  • Added Winter’s Feast Adornments for the Ancient Guardian, Misery Toadstool, Crabking, and Crabby Hermit.
  • Wormwood’s Self-Fertilizing
    • Manure fertilizers now provide a small instant heal
    • Compost fertilizers now provide a heal over time
    • Formula fertilizers now trigger blooming (applying more formula fertilizer will accelerate the current stage while blooming and extend the duration when fully bloomed)
  • Wormwood bloom changes
    • Reduced hunger drain
    • Tends to nearby plants
    • Gains small summer insulation
  • Wormwood and Wurt will no longer suffer a sanity drain for being wet
  • Pine Cone, Twiggy Tree Nut, Birchnut, Hambat, Flower Garland, Seawreath, and Fish Food can be used in the Composting Bin.
  • Fixed a conflict between farming theme music and the crabby hermit theme music
  • The Composting Bin now drops any finished Compost if it loads in as burnt.
  • Giant veggies can be waxed with Beeswax to preserve them forever.
  • Weighing giant veggies now adds a picture of the heaviest veggie you have weighed to the Plant Registry.

New Streaming Drops!

We are adding the Winter Wardrobe to the Merrymaker Collection. For more information on streaming drops and how to get them, check out our support topic here. 


And up next

We're going to be around a few more days fixing up any issues that pop up from the update. But we've already been hard at work on the Year of the Beefalo update coming up after our much needed holiday break. After that we'll be back to our regular content schedule. 

And if you're still paying attention, here is a link for some in-game spool (link valid for 30 days). This will grant you 900 spool to get some cool stuff, just in time for the holidays!

We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season. Till next time!  


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