[Game Update] - 416247

Release Date: 06/15/20

Update Information:


Constant Companion
While in pursuit of answers to the strange and unexplained, Walter suddenly found himself lost and alone in a place unlike anything even he could have imagined. Luckily, he would not be alone for long. Even a stout-hearted Pinetree Pioneer feels a little braver with a loyal friend by their side!

Walter the Fearless is now available. Free for all DST players

Here are the details:


  • Has a slingshot 
  • Attacks from the slingshot will not draw aggro if the target is fighting something else
  • Special Slingshot ammo
    • Freeze (similar to the ice staff)
    • Slow-Down Rounds (reduces the target’s movement speed)
    • Poop Pellets (causes the target to stop attacking you)
    • Cursed Rounds (spawns shadow tentacles)
  • Is not afraid of anything, except getting hurt
    • Does not lose sanity from the dark, being near giants, etc
    • Will lose sanity every time he takes damage
    • Will continue to slowly lose sanity while health is below 100%
  • Has a new hat that will reduce the sanity loss when getting hit
  • Walter will not gain sanity from clothing items
  • Walter can craft a portable camping tent to take with him
  • Allergic to bees
    • Takes extra damage from bees, this damage is not reduced by armour
  • Fast cooking over a fire
  • Reduced hunger drain while sleeping in tents and bedrolls
  • Has a friend named Woby that will join him in the constant
  • Restores sanity when near enough trees
  • Walter can tell stories at the campfire that will cause other survivors to restore some sanity


  • Has 2 forms, small and big
  • Both forms give access to an inventory container (like chester)
  • Big Woby can be ridden by Walter (like a domesticated beefalo)
  • Woby only eats monster meat
  • Feeding small Woby enough monster meat will transform her into her big form
  • Woby will revert to her small form when starving
  • Woby is scared of everything and will not participate in combat
  • If the player is hit while riding Woby, Woby will buck the player off

New Skins

The Walter Deluxe Wardrobe contains all 3 skin sets ($7.99 usd)
Walter's Guest of Honor Skin Set and Pine Leader Hat.
Walter's Boy Detective Skin Set and Deerstalker.
Walter's Survivor Skin Set and Cap o' Flage.

Or you can buy each set individually for $2.99 or Weave them with your left over spool. 


New Streaming Drops!

We are adding the "Salt Lamp" Lantern skin to the Crystalline Collection. For more information on streaming drops and how to get them, check out the post here


Klei Sale!

We're also having a big sale on Steam right now. While you probably already own everything we have ever made, maybe now is a good time to pick up something for a friend? https://store.steampowered.com/sale/klei/


Next up!
I don't have much info about the next update for you yet. But we'll have more info for the next update "Troubled Waters" in the next couple weeks. Until then, have fun out there! 


Update 416247 Path Notes
Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where players could start a server vote when they did not meet the requirements
  • Live fish will no longer die(spoil) faster due to being wet
  • Fixed a bug where Wade, Ignatius, Dmitri, and Sawyer would become invisible and stop participating in the match.
  • Fixed a bug in the Item Collection where Wormwood’s wrong hand symbols were seen in his custom idle.
  • Fixed texture issue with Wendy’s Guest of Honor skin.
  • Fixed texture artifacts on the tent.
  • Some small optimizations

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