[Game Update] - 406355

Release Date: 04/23/20

Update Information:

She Sells Sea Shells

Far out past the familiar shores of the mainland, something is waiting for our Survivors. What would you do for the thing you treasure most?

New Features

  • Messages in bottles.
  • Moon fragment Island.
  • The Crabby Hermit.
  • The Crab King.
  • New Seasonal Fish.
  • Wobster and Wobster Den
  • New Winch Boat structure.
  • Sunken Treasures.
  • Singing shells.
  • Clean Sweeper craftable 

New skin sets available

We have also added bunch of new items available as drops in-game or bundled in chests for purchase.


The Adventurer's Belongings Chest contains 5 skins, The Flamboyant Headpiece, Hampered Basket, Twisted Dagger, Shadowy Armor and Koalefant Knapsack for $5.99 usd .

We also have the Outdoorsy Belongings Chest which includes the Froggy Bug Net, Frondly Tent, Bee Bonnet, Sweet Beemuffs, Frostflower Firepit, Porcelain Ice Box, Seabreeze Tammie and Reclaimed Relic for $8.99 usd.

Or get everything together in the Spring Cleaning Bundle for $11.99 usd.

New Streaming Drops!

We are adding the Crystalline Honeydome the Crystalline collection. For more information on streaming drops and how to get them, check out our support topic here. 


New Login Bonus!

For a limited time, Log into DST and get the Crab King Sail skin for free! 


Simply have the game updated and log into the game with the update installed to get the item.


We need to get the console version updated with fixes from to beta version so we expect this update to be available for console early next week. Of course, everything is taking a little extra time right now, so it may take longer than we think, but we'll post if we find out there has been a significant change in timing.  

Final Note

On to the next thing! Now is a good time to mention that we are currently in the middle of evaluating our schedule. We're definitely beginning to see issues creep in from our current situation working from home. We're looking to shift things around a bit so we can still have something for you every month but the next update will likely be smaller as we work on the larger stuff like the next new character and the next Return of Them update. When we have more information on that, we'll let you know. 

Update #406355 Notes:

  • The Crabby Hermit and Crabking are retrofitted into existing world.
  • The player can now board boats while mounted.
  • The player can now board boats while lifting a heavy object.
  • The distance you can jump to embark and disembark has been adjusted and is now based on how fast your character is moving.
  • Irreplaceable inventory items no longer slip out of your inventory when drowning in the ocean
  • Creatures that follow you onto a boat will now wash ashore (instead of die) when the boats sinks
  • Changed the ingredients required to craft the Tackle Receptacle.
  • Boat Patch also repairs boat damage
  • Added Clean Sweeper for changing item skins.

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