[Game Update] - 391555

Release Date: 01/23/20

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the checkpoint minimap icon
  • Fixed a crash on Carrat Scale
  • Fixed a crash involving Beefalo Carrat spawning.
  • Fixed the burnt state of the Carrat Shrine.
  • Fixed Battle Spear inventory textures.
  • The character won’t talk over themselves now if they try to start a race with no Carrats.
  • Abigail no longer kills racing Carrats.
  • Fixed the character repeating the start race dialogue.
  • Fixed the Carrat Scale loot
  • Fixed various skins icons.
  • Fixed some missing Year of the Carrat Collection tags.
  • Fixed burnt animation symbols for Terracotta Cooking Pot and Home Sweet Home.
  • Fixed mouse over bounding box for Nordic Shovel and Ornate Nordic Shovel.
  • Adjusted hat fitting for Wurt, The Triumphant.
  • Fixed loss of skin information when digging up a Mini Sign.
  • Fixed various string typos.

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