[Game Update] - 391133

Release Date: 01/23/20

Update Information:


Annnnd away we go! The Year of the Carrat has begun!

To celebrate the Year of the Carrat we have added a new activity in the game, a ton of new item drops, new streaming items, a new login item AND soon closer to Valentine's day a new telltale heart log-in item. 

  • Compete in the cut throat world of Carrat Racing to earn Lucky Gold Nuggets.
  • Build Gyms to train prize Carrats.
  • Construct longer and longer Carrat race courses to raise the stakes.
  • Purchase old and new rewards from the Carrat Shrine, such as Red Firecrackers,  Lucky Beast costumes, and the new Floating Lantern.

We've also added a ton of new items to the game. 


As always, these items will be available as drops in game and are weaveable using spool. They can also be purchased in 3 different chests for various prices or together as a bundle for $15.99 usd. There's a lot of items here so for more info, check out the spoilers below. 

Fledgling Belongings Chest


The Fledgling Belongings Chest is $5.99 and contains the following items:

Survivalist Campfire reskins Campfire
Roman Wood Armor reskins Log Suit
Nordic Spear reskins Spear, Fire Staff and Ice Staff
Nordic Pickaxe reskins Pickaxe
Nordic Axe reskins Axe
Nordic Shovel reskins Shovel
Carrat Pack reskins Backpack
Basket Trap reskins Trap
Nordic Battle Spear reskins Battle Spear

Survivalist Belongings Chest


The Survivalist Belongings Chest is $6.99 and contains the following items:

Flamboyant Fan reskins Luxury Fan
Corrupted Blade reskins Dark Sword
Corrupted Cloak reskins Night Armor
Corrupted Cane reskins Walking Cane and The Lazy Explorer
Arcane Headpiece reskins Thulecite Crown
Clockwork Deconstruction Staff reskins Deconstruction Staff
Ornate Nordic Axe reskins Luxury Axe
Ornate Nordic Pickaxe reskins Opulent Pickaxe
Ornate Nordic Shovel reskins Regal Shovel
Piggy Backpack reskins Piggyback

Builder's Belongings Chest


The Builder's Belongings Chest is $7.99 and contains the following items:

Home Sweet Home reskins Bee Box
Ancient Sigil reskins Shadow Manipulator
Lilycap Light reskins Glowcap
Nouveau Mushlamp reskins Mushlight
Butcher's Rack reskins Drying Rack
Baroque Birdcage reskins Birdcage
Thatched Cottage reskins Pig House
Carrat Cottage reskins Rabbit Hutch
Terracotta Cooking Pot reskins Crock Pot
Clawfoot Furnace reskins Scaled Furnace
White Picket Fence reskins Wood Fence
White Garden Gate reskins Wood Gate
White Address Plaque reskins Mini Sign
Walnut Garden Fence reskins Wood Fence
Walnut Picket Gate reskins Wood Gate
Walnut Address Plaque reskins Mini Sign
Ash Garden Fence reskins Wood Fence
Ash Picket Gate reskins Wood Gate
Ash Address Plaque reskins Mini Sign

The Glass Eyebrella will join the Crystaline collection. Check out the post for more details


We also have a new bonus login item. 


For a limited time players that login during the Year of the Carrat event will receive the Golden Carrat Torch when logging into the game for the first time during the event. This is a limited time item, don't miss out!

Finally - be sure to stick around because for Valentine's Day this year we will be giving all players that login the "Stolen Heart" Telltale Heart item skin. 


"A heart, ripped out and offered to another."

So romantic! You can look forward to that toward the end of the event. 

We'll be running this event till just after the middle of February. We'll have more details as we get closer to the end. 

That's all for now. On to the next thing! We'll have more information on what we're working on in the weeks following the Year of the Carrat event. Have fun out there!

Year of the Carrat 391133 - 01/23/2020

  • End of Winter’s Feast.
  • Start of Year of the Carrat.
  • Added The Carrat Shrine.
  • Added Carrat racing and Carrat training.
  • Added a Floating Lantern to the shrine's craftables.
  • Added Seed Packets to the shrine's craftables to help keep your racers alive and cheerful.
  • Added a new Carrat Figure to sculpt

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