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[Game Update] - 379886

Release Date: 11/14/19

Update Information:

Beta Update: Hook, Line, and Inkergnarwail1.png

New Features

  • Teeming ocean life and new recipes to cook.
  • Craftable Sea Fishing Rod, Tackle Receptacle and more.
  • Craftable Fish Scale-O-Matic for bragging rights.


  • Crafting the Anchor, Mast, and Steering Wheel will no longer produce their ‘Kit’ item. They are now crafted and placed like most other structures. Existing ‘Kit’ items will still work as normal.
  • The Fish caught from Ponds have been replaced with Freshwater Fish which can be weighed or murdered to produce meat.
  • While a fish is being held by Wurt, it will remain alive longer.
  • Wurt will lose sanity while holding Fish Meat, Fish Morsel, or Spoiled Fish

HotFix (380044)

  • Stopped Skittersquid from trying to eat flotsam.
  • Fixed a problem with Skittersquid spawning chance. 
  • Fixed a crash when inked as a client.
  • Fixed hooked fish spooking nearby fish.
  • Fixed a bunch of missing audio on the new items
  • Removed infinitely playing Pan Flute sound when using the Pocket Scale
  • The Gnarwail drops now reflect the effort it takes to kill one


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