[Game Update] - 370332

Release Date: 09/26/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Mac OS X 64 bit support
  • Building walls will now test the correct ground position
  • Fixed a crash when Winona's Catapult burns down while the Varg is attacking it
  • The Hibearnation Vest’s hunger reduction is working again.
  • Incomplete Suspicious Marbles will no longer drop their other piece when minded by non-player characters or creatures.
  • Werebeaver can no longer extend the walking plank (This was originally added because the old style Werebeaver could easily get stuck on a boat)
  • Weremoose can now jump off an extended plank
  • Dusk and night ambient sound effects are now hooked up.
  • Note for Modders:
    • Marble Shrub growth states now have a name field
    • World generation is now deterministic (ie seeding the world now works again)
    • Added the global function SetWorldGenSeed(seed)
    • Werebeaver no longer goes invisible in the SGWilson_client’s "doshortaction" sate

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