[Game Update] - 359445

Release Date: 08/13/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Return of Them Hotfix

  • Added some variation to the edge of the world (sorry, this will not retrofit into existing beta worlds)
  • Refactored the boat-tracking camera to work with setting other follow target on the camera
  • The player should no longer get stun-locked while drowning
  • Walls, Fences, and Sign Posts no longer jitter while on moving boats
  • Minimap now reflects the edge of the world.
  • Fixed Cave Worm Attacks warning sounds
  • Notes for modders: 
    • FocalPoint:PushTempFocus() is now fully deprecated 
    • The EmbarkerCameraController component has been removed
    • FocalPoint:StartFocusSource and StopFocusSource got a number of improvements and should now fully work as you’d expect them too
    • Please remove the nointerpolate tag from any structures (this tag will cause objects to jitter while on moving boats)

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