[Game Update] - 341263

Release Date: 06/06/19

Update Information:


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with the inventory icon not updating correctly sometimes for the Metamorphosed Flame (Thermal Stone skin).
  • Fixed bug with the inventory icon spoilage colors not always updating immediately.
  • Fixed bug where some objects could be incorrectly drawn on Mini Signs.
  • Fixed bug where Loot Stash can sometimes be triggered by multiple Antlers at the same time.
  • Fixed bug where Bees did not always change to their Spring colors automatically.
  • Fixed bug where some actions were unavailable on controllers for deployable items (e.g. Murdering a Butterfly).
  • Fixed bug where Willow casting Telepoof would always cause BERNIE! to deactivate.
  • Armor will no longer take damage when evading an attack during Telepoof.
  • Hammering down a Bee Box will now drop remaining harvestable Honey.
  • Baby Tentacles no longer drop Souls.
  • Minor string fixes.

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