[Game Update] - 315751

Release Date: 03/12/2019

Update Information:


  • Winona’s speed crafting ability will now only cost hunger if she hasn’t crafted anything within the last minute.  (Everytime she crafts, the timer is extended back to a minute.)
  • Reduced Winona’s crafting speed penalty when she is hungry.
  • Winona’s Catapult no longer damages Maxwell’s Shadow Minions.
  • Winona’s Spotlights will now prioritize having different targets from each other.
  • Increased maximum range of Winona’s Spotlight.
  • Koelefant burning to death will now drop Koalefant Trunk Steak instead of Ash.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed audio bug where Catapult sounds sometimes continued after they became burnt.
  • Fixed bug with Night Light not consuming fuel properly.
  • Fixed bug where Clay Hounds did not spawn from hunts when Year of the Varg event is enabled.
  • Fixed layering bug where Winona’s Voxola Work Uniform was failing to hide skirts.

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