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[Game Update] - 254569

Release Date: 02/08/18

Update Information:


Spring has sprung in the world of Don't Starve and brought a new year with it, and our ever-optimistic survivors can't wait to celebrate! Ring in the Year of the Varg with new hound themed items and festive decorations, but beware the jaws of the vicious earthen Varg and its Clay Hound pack.

We have some special new skins available for everybody: the Verdant Collection and the Beating Heart collection. As always, you can either find them as drops in the game, weave them from spools, or buy them directly from the store for yourself. And now for the first time, you can purchase them as gifts for friends as well!

Jump in-game before March 1st to claim your free exclusive skins! The Knitted Puppy Hat, Daggered Heart, and Swoon Emote. Be sure to pick them up, as this may be your last chance to grab the Swoon.



The Verdant Collection can be purchased for $2.99USD per playable character, or $9.99USD for the entire collection. And for a limited time, the special Beating Heart Chests will be available for $4.99USD. These can be purchased in-game or directly through Steam, and can be bought for yourself or for a friend.

Next stop - Big Event #2 - See you there!

Change List:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Shadow Chesspieces and Ancient Fuelweaver were still dropping ornaments after Winter’s Feast.
  • Fixed bug where Buzzards failed to respawn.
  • Fixed bug where Werepigs could sometimes revert back to normal Pig Men during a Full Moon.
  • Fixed bug where Lureplants would use wrong items for their lure.
  • Fixed animation bug with burning Clockwork Rooks and Damaged Rooks.
  • Fixed texture seams on player ghosts.
  • UI anim shaders now properly support SetAddColour.

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