[Game Update] - 247542

Release Date: 12/17/17

Update Information:


The nights are growing colder, and a distinctive holiday cheer has permeated the air. That can only mean one thing - Winter’s Feast is upon us! Take a break from enduring a hostile world to spread some holiday cheer. You could enjoy a tasty sugar cookie and decorate a tree or two… or three. Be wary though… something terrible lurks nearby, watching our survivors' every move with laser-like focus.



  • Winter’s Feast is here!  The in-game event will be automatically enabled for worlds with Events set to Auto (default).
  • Improved boot time:
    • Note for modders: data/scripts/* has been moved to data/databundles/scripts.zip.
    • See data/scripts_readme.txt for for info.
  • Memory optimizations.
  • Improved autocomplete behaviour.
  • Added autocomplete options to client.ini for chat and console input:
    • In client.ini, under the [MISC] category, add:
      • console_autocomplete = tab_enter
      • chat_autocomplete = tab_enter
    • Values for these are:
      • tab_enter - both tab and enter will apply the selected word
      • tab - only tab will apply the selected word
      • enter - only enter will apply the selected word
      • mouseonly - you will need to click on a word to apply it
      • disabled - the auto complete prompt will be disabled
  • Improved Curio Cabinet UI:
    • Filter buttons now apply to all menu items.
    • Filter selections will now be remembered.
    • Toggling filters will no longer deselect the current item.
    • Improved screen navigation for controllers.
  • Added new option to sort server browser by relevance.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Hallowed Nights trinkets could still be dug up from Graves when the event is not active.
  • Prevent crash when client.ini contains invalid audio settings.

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