[Game Update] - 212389

Release Date: 03/30/2017

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Fossil Fragments lying on the ground can no longer be smashed by earthquake debris.
  • Fire Staff and Ice Staff can now be used while mounted.
  • Players will now play the correct animation when casting spells while mounted.
  • Fixed item drop bugs for various structures when Deconstructed or hammered.
  • Fixed bug where Ghosts can sometimes still do damage after dying.
  • Fixed bug where insanity overlays sometimes do not show up properly when a player loads in with low sanity.
  • Fixed bug with Dragonfly sometimes not resetting properly when teleported away before engaging.
  • Fixed bug where Buzzards and other flying creatures can sometimes appear to be stuck in the air.
  • Fixed bug where Lucy did not remember if she possessed an Axe or Luxury Axe after shutting down and resuming a world.
  • Fixed crash when multiple players use a Lazy Deserter to teleport at the same time.

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