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[Game Update] - 207966

Release Date: 02/22/17

Update Information:




  • The Atrium has been added deep within the Ruins.  This zone is still under construction, but feel free to get a head start on discovering the way in!
  • Ornate Chests and the Large Ornate Chest can no longer be destroyed.
  • Odd Skeleton can now be reanimated in the Caves, triggering a fairly basic fight with no special loot.  This will eventually become part of a bigger theme, which involves a couple of other forms that will be added over the next weeks.
  • Antlion now accepts Cut Stones and Thermal Stones as tribute.  Make sure they’re not ice cold or burning hot though, unless of course you’re looking for a fight!



  • To properly add the Atrium zone to an existing world, the world must be saved and reloaded again after retrofitting.  The easiest way to do this is by quitting back to the main menu and then reloading the world one more time.  (For dedicated servers, use c_save() to manually save, and then restart the servers.)
  • If all Ornate Chests have been destroyed, retrofitting will not be able to bring them back.
  • Ruins will eventually be able to regenerate, but for now, we invite admins to test the basic functionality via console commands:
    • Use “c_resetruins()” while in the caves.
    • Damaged Clockwork, Splumonkey Pods, Slurpers, Worms, and the Ancient Guardian will be respawned when the ruins are reset.
    • Ornate Chests will reset their treasure.
    • Large Ornate Chest will despawn and be replaced by a new Ancient Guardian. Make sure you didn’t leave anything valuable in it.


Bug Fixes

  • Caves world gen is now guaranteed to add the Ancient Guardian.
  • Forest world gen is now guaranteed to add the Pig King.
  • Ruins music!

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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