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[Game Update] - 205658

Release Date: 02/06/17

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Fixed animation glitch when No-Eyed Deer run into old trees with their Antlers.
  • Fixed crash sometimes after Batilisks escape through Cave Lights.
  • Antlion and the new Desert Oasis will now be automatically added into existing worlds.
    • If your existing world only has ONE Desert:
      The Oasis and Antlion will attempt to spawn in a safe location within this Desert without overlapping the Dragonfly arena.  Sandstorms during summer will cover this entire Desert, including the Dragonfly arena.
    • If your existing world has TWO Deserts:
      The Oasis and Antlion will spawn in the one without Dragonfly.  Ponds in this Desert will be converted to the Oasis Lake, and Sandstorms during summer will cover this Desert only.
  • Please note that we still recommend generating a New World to properly spawn the new Desert biome with alternate Cactii, Volt Goats, etc.

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