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[Game Update] - 195732

Release Date: 11/02/16

Update Information:




  • Look for the Rock Den to pick up your pet!
  • Added the Bee Queen and her Grumble Bee guardians.
  • Added Fences and Gates.
  • Added growable Marble Shrubs.
  • End Tables can now be decorated with fresh flower arrangements.
  • Friendly Scarecrow can now be dressed up.
  • Improved deploy action range to help with placing walls.
  • Improved auto-attack targeting to help reduce unintentional target switching.
  • Doubled drop rate for Glowcap Blueprint.
  • Optimizations for Mushtrees that are off-screen.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where some special event content was still generated even when “Events” world customization was set to None.
  • Fixed bug where Batilisks would often appear momentarily whenever a Player exits the Caves during daytime.
  • Fixed constant health loss sound when Wolfgang has health penalty after reviving.
  • Fixed bugs causing Dragonfly to sometimes get stuck after sleeping.

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