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[Game Update] - 180814

Release Date: 06/09/16

Update Information:

Hey there Don't Starvers! It's been awhile since our last update, we're hard at work on the expansion and on the PS4 edition. But we're definitely still on the lookout for improvements and fixes to the base game, so here's some updates to recent features (Maxwell, Beefalo, Twiggy Trees), bug fixes as always, and an overhaul to the voting system to make it easier to manage servers without an admin present. (Details in the patch notes.)

As always, we appreciate your feedback, and keep on not starving!

Change List:


  • New DST Steam Trading Cards! Collect 'em all! (Sorry, box tops are not accepted.)

  • You know those sticks that start on the ground when your world has Twiggy trees? Now we know where they come from.

  • New and improved vote system! From the Player Status Screen (tab key, right joystick), you'll now see a list of server admin actions. If the server allows voting (on by default for dedicated servers, configuration options here), then non-admin users will also see the list of admin actions in order to start a vote. Vote-kick on players is available by default on dedicated servers.

  • New "Salt Lick" item in the Tools crafting menu helps keep your beefalo satisfied in your absence.

  • Maxwell’s Shadow minions will no longer die instantly from falling debris during Earthquakes.

  • Maxwell is refunded one nightmare fuel if he banishes a Shadow Minion under his control.

  • Codex Umbra no longer decays when left on the ground.

  • Books can now be used as fuel for Fire.

  • Reduced the intensity of insanity audio/visual effects while playing as Maxwell.

  • Added more action fail strings variety.

  • Particles now properly fade out after their entity is destroyed.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed animation bugs when performing emotes while mounted.

  • Fixed bug where Instrument or Book actions may sometimes fail when your inventory is full.

  • Fixed bug where Wickerbottom’s penalty for eating spoiled food was not being applied properly.

  • Fixed bug where a player’s minimap sometimes does not save correctly when entering and exiting Caves.

  • Added proper controller bindings for Gift Popup screen.

  • Fixed bug where Crock Pot action may fail on clients when a Hammer is equipped.

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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