[Game Update] - 177500

Release Date: 05/12/16

Update Information:


Hey folks! What would you do with a fist full of butterfly wings? Well, according to my performance on today's stream, I'd probably eat them for my health. But that might not be the best idea anymore!

And as usual, we've also fixed a bunch of remaining bugs and issues. Enjoy!

Change List:


  • Beefalo have a sweet new replacement for that walking-cane-while-riding bug.

  • Emergency mode Flingomatic will now detect burnt Saplings and Grass even if they have already been picked.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed layering and orientation bugs with effects and particles rendering.

  • Beefalo expressions change as soon as they start getting a tendency now (but they still don't get bonuses 'til you domesticate them, so back to work!)

  • Odd little outcroppings of land no longer occur on new worlds.

  • Beefalo wake up correctly if you try riding them.

  • Beefalo no longer get movespeed and attack bonuses from their rider.

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