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[Game Update] - 176267

Release Date: 05/04/16

Update Information:

You can call this the "Talkin' About Stuff" update, if you like! Why? We've done a whole bunch of additions and revisions to the character speech! So it's time to examine stuff and see what everybody has to say.

And as always, lots of bug fixes. (Big thanks to everyone who posts in the bug tracker. It's been extremely useful for us!)

Change List:


  • Spiders and Frogs will now stop moving when caught by Traps.
  • Added more sound effects for building and planting things.
  • Added even more variety and improvements to character speech strings.
  • Increased amount of Nitre obtained from Petrified Trees.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hair animation glitch when mounting and dismounting Beefalo while wearing a hat.
  • Fixed missing talk animation on clients when Shave action fails.
  • Fixed bug where haunted Werepigs could get stuck in panic mode.
  • Fixed bounding box for Juicy Berry Bushes.
  • Fixed missing snow during some Berry Bush animations.
  • Fixed missing World Gen details for some servers in the Server Listing screen.
  • Fixed Woodie’s nose layering and texture seams.
  • Crafting Fire Pits will now properly remember last used skin.
  • Fixed bug with Redeem button not hiding properly when offline.
  • Fixed bug with “New Item” labels sometimes showing up incorrectly.

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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