[Game Update] - 174499

Release Date: 04/21/2016

Update Information:

Yay! Leaving Early Access!

Change List:


  • Maxwell the master of puppets has finally made his appearance
  • Maxwell Guest of Honor and Survivor heads and clothing items have been added
  • New craftable Firepit cosmetics have been added
  • Various frontend improvements
  • Code redemption dialog added to the main menu
  • Servers now include their Steam interface language in their tags so that users can search for servers of a specific language
    • Dedicated servers can set their language tag in the MISC section of their cluster.ini with the option “language_code” (See data/scripts/languages/server_language_strings.lua for a list of available language codes)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed One Man Band animations while mounted
  • Fixed particle buffers from selecting incorrect texture frames
  • Fixed Wolfgang’s torso symbol sorting when wearing a shirt in his mighty form
  • Fixed Wendy’s torso symbol sorting when wearing pants
  • Fixed Wilson’s base clothing from getting tucked into skirts awkwardly
  • Fixed font issues on translation mods popup

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