[Game Update] - 172848

Release Date: 04/07/2016

Update Information:

Hey friends!

A new release has arrived! This is primarily a batch of bugfixes and small improvements across a variety of areas in the game, as well as some modding updates. Enjoy!

Change List:


  • Increased War Saddle attack bonus from 15 to 16.
  • Beefalo get a stomach cramp if you feed them bad food.
  • Magiluminescence can now be refueled with Nightmare Fuel.
  • Updates to worldgen data that affect worldgen mods. As well, modded game modes can now specify a level type. Please see this thread for details.
  • Worldgenoverride.lua format has changed a bit. It should be fully backwards compatible, but for more info read this thread.
  • Players with their Steam UI language set to other languages now are prompted if they would like to view translation mods for their language.
  • Autumn night colour cube adjusted to retain some brighter reds.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various HUD scaling and positioning bugs.
  • Fixed bug where sanity ambient sound could not be heard by clients.
  • Fixed bug with rain ambient sounds when walking in and out of tree cover.
  • Fixed bug where Pig Men were never refusing food from Players.
  • Fixed missing snow symbols in Shadow Manipulator animations.
  • Fixed emote and shock effects layering and positions for standing and mounted animations.
  • Beefalo play the correct death animation if you kill them via food.
  • Beefalo orneriness actually increases while attacking now.
  • Magiluminescence light can now be seen by all clients.
  • Crafting tabs will now always indicated with a blue highlight if you have a structure built but not placed yet.
  • Fixed bug where torch fx were getting culled too soon.

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