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[Game Update] - 541202

Release Date: 02/02/23

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:


  • Shadow Creatures will no longer be affected and activate spider webs (ALL).
  • Companions (Chester, Packim Baggins, etc) will no longer be targeted by the force attack (ALL).
  • Bees and mosquitos can now chase their target across water. Also, flying insects can be dropped over water without sinking (SW, HAM).
  • The map border ornament will now match the world you are on (SW, HAM).
  • Items can now be retrieved from water with the action key (SW, HAM).
  • Mounted Beefalos will no longer gain speed when on roads (ALL).
  • Piko will now drop the item it has picked up, when caught in a trap (HAM).
  • Fighting during Aporkalypse will now play an Aporkalypse song, instead of a generic one.
  • Wind will no longer affect the speed of Shadow Creatures, Ghosts and the BFB (SW, HAM).
  • Hamlet’s Interior Changes (HAM):
    • Resurrectors inside interiors will now remove the maximum health penalty after the interior is destroyed.
    • Destroying a structure with an interior (Slanty Shanty, Pig Shops) now destroys all rooms and structures, dropping the resulting loot and the items that were inside them.
    • Destroying a room now only destroys extra rooms not connected to the main entrance, and will also destroy structures and drop the resulting loot and the items that were inside the extra rooms.
      • These changes will help the performance of long running worlds, but will not affect existing worlds.
      • This will also avoid losing non-recoverable items, but be aware that not all things will be retrieved (like some plantable structures), so prefer to remove everything manually.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed items not being prototyped (base, RoG).
  • Fixed Hamlet's Teleportato not working (HAM).
  • Fixed traveling between worlds leading to the same world in some cases (HAM).
  • Fixed the craft/pick animation ending abruptly (ALL).
  • Fixed unstacking wet items not wetting the new stack/item (RoG, SW, HAM).
  • Fixed Limpet Rocks being able to be fertilized with things other than Seaweed (SW).
  • Fixed Sealnado not considering whether walls are broken or not, in his vacuum attack (SW).
  • Fixed Krissures visually erupting forever (SW).
  • Fixed Elephant cactus planting verb appearing as "ACTION" (SW).
  • The Telelocator Staff no longer teleports aquatic mobs to land and vice versa (SW, HAM).
  • Adventure Mode Fixes:
    • Fixed waves appearing in the “Epilogue: Checkmate” chapter, instead of void (ALL).
    • Fixed Palm Trees spawning in the “King of Winter” chapter (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed excessive amounts of Clockworks in the “Darkness” chapter (SW, HAM).
    • Fixed the world generation animation not being the forest (SW, HAM).
  • Fixed a crash with Wilba transforming into Werewilba when mounted on a beefalo (HAM).
  • Fixed Wilba complaining about her curse forever after using the Silver Necklace to avoid it (HAM).
  • Changing the seasons' length in Hamlet now works as intended (HAM).
  • Fixed Giant Grub not dropping its loot (HAM).
  • Giant Grub's attack time now matches its animation (HAM).
  • Fixed Thunderbird not using its sleeping animation (HAM).
  • Wheeler and Wilba will get their special items back if they somehow lose them (HAM).
  • Fixed the world generation music playing after entering the world in Hamlet compatible worlds (HAM).
  • Fixed BFB getting stuck on the world’s edge and landing outside the world or on water (HAM).
  • Fixed Gnat Swarm flying in a random direction when brought in from another world (HAM).
  • Fixed Royal Guards (called by the Shopkeeper or Wilba) not appearing if the player exits the interior quickly (HAM).
  • The Lazy Explorer can no longer be used to teleport outside of interior walls (HAM).

Notes for Modders:

  • The "dropontravel" tag can be added to items to drop them when traveling between worlds.

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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