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[Game Update] - 336897

Release Date: 05/24/19

Update Information:

Balance and game play changes:

  • The Vortex cloak doesn’t drain sanity constantly now, instead it does sanity damage to the character relative to how much damage it absorbs.
  • Pig town lawn ornaments and hedges now available in the City craft tab.

Bug Fixes:

  • Shadow Hands will reach fires in interiors.
  • Fix rain ambient sounds on umbrella hats being played in interiors
  • Wagstaff’s equipped items won’t be all grey now after taking off the infoggles
  • Bosses should no longer spawn in interiors.
  • Wheeler’s save slot image smirks. 
  • Fixed player being stuck in godmode after traveling to a Skyworthy/Seaworthy
  • Fixed inspect string for "Pig Skin?"
  • Fixed rare crash to desktop when shift-clicking items in container with full inventory
  • Fixed broken minimap rendering in vampirebatcaves.
  • Only Wheeler can have her navigadget and air horn.
  • Windy Conch will summon wind in Hamlet
  • Old Bell will not call the bigfoot indoors
  • Frog rain won’t fall indoors.
  • Loot acquired from creating a door on a wall where a wall ornament is will less likely spawn in a wall. 
  • Woodlegs and Walani can craft their nautical items in Hamlet.
  • Volcano eruption shouldn't impact interiors anymore.
  • Spider Monkey Trees can use dense turf.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a character is nearsighted and tries to look at something.
  • Fixed missing art in Wormwood’s arm chop.
  • Fixed the working music to not skip back to the start.
  • Pigs will accept trade just after they have eaten now.
  • Fixed art for burnt cocooned trees.
  • Fixed sleeping pig guard examine string.
  • WX can eat gears again after using the living artifact now.
  • Hamlet craftable turf isn't leaky anymore.

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