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[Game Update] - 309027

Release Date: 02/13/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Balance/New feature

  • Wormwood has an extra (short) anim when poop healing. 
  • Compost Wrap heals Wormwood for more now.
  • Each world type (DS/ROG/SW/HAM) now has its own set of worldgen presets (to prevent incompatible presets from being applied)

Bug Fixes

  • Werewilba won’t be groggy in the humid season from her body hair anymore.
  • Werewilba can now eat food by selecting it and clicking on Wilba with it
  • Thunderbirds shouldn't unfairly target players anymore and ignore lightning rods at times.
  • Uncatchable Glowflies fixed.
  • Fix for the disappearing trawlnet (when full) in Shipwrecked
  • Werewilba’s health gets properly set on load
  • Werewilba can now Spelunk caves in Vanilla and RoG
  • Wilba no longer turns into Werewilba when removing the Silver Necklace after a full moon
  • Drying racks that burn will produced cooked versions of their item if they can cook, otherwise they will spawn a burning version of the item if they can burn.
  • Walking sticks and stalks can burn now.
  • Hammered dry racks will drop their item. 
  • It should not be possible anymore to generate a world without seasons.
  • Wormwoods planted seeds will continue to grow after a load.
  • Werewilba’s light won’t go out when she’s struck by lightning now.
  • Falling things should not stay on top of a ruins fountain now.
  • Cleaned up some decoration conflicts with pig ruins generation.

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