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A question regarding Invisible Inc.'s lore

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daktardewm    0

So Collette was in the 2050 Auglete Games, yet Olivia's capture seemed to have taken place in 2043, going by Contigency Plan canon.

I assumed that the Resource Wars broke out circa late 2040's-early 2050's, but I may be wrong on that point. Nevertheless, Collette joined the PEIA to dodge the Resource Wars Ground Brigade draft shortly after its outbreak. How was it then, that Olivia Gladstone got captured before that point?

I always assumed that Collette died under Gladstone's watch during the Instanbul Run, which seemed to have taken place near the end of the Resource Wars proper, and Olivia's capture and liberation would have occurred post-Collette's death so that, by the time Derek broke her out, she was essentially the head of Operations for what remained in the PEIA and became the head of Invisible Inc.

tl;dr Wouldn't it have made more sense for either Collette to have won the Auglete games earlier on or have Olivia's kidnapping take place later on in the Invisible, Inc. timeline?

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