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[Crash] - Agent stuck in "running" state

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AgentTrask    8

Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Agent stuck in "running" state

Issue Description: Deckard was stuck in a running state with available AP but unable to move. I was also unable to end the turn using any hotkeys. When clicking on "end turn" in bottom right it appeared that the enemy turn started. No guards moved and when I clicked the screen, it appeared that I had available AP left and it was still my turn.

Steps leading up to this:

Guards were closing in on Banks. Banks was discovered while in the elevator. I escaped with her as it was her only option to get out. Right after Banks escaped the bug hit.

Steps to Reproduce: Unable to reproduce. Once Deckard was stuck I was unable to do anything. I had to "Save & Exit" to get out. Once reloading the save I receive the attached error message.

Thanks for all your work. You guys/gals are great!



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