Looking for Asia living player to start a new mega base

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Looking for a friend to start a new world and preferably someone that live in Asia as lagging is real hard and I want to fight bosses. 
The mods I use are global position, smart crockpot, wormholes, and geometric placement only. 
I dont mind whatever mods you want to use but please dont make the game change too much.

I cant play everyday due to work and school maybe 2 3 times a week therefore this is kinda long term thing if you dont mind XD. I accept anyone who want to join, newbie or veteren since we can discover things together. 

Also I cant make dedicated server so I am good with who want to rent dedicated server if not I can just host whenever us free. I can use dicsord or steam voice chat. Its easier that way.


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9 hours ago, promiseaik said:

Which part of Asia? I am from SEA. 

I live in Japan but im Malaysian. I think we should be ok. Where are you from?

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