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[HELP] my custom biome is invisible

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i'm trying to learn how to code world generation, but since i didn't have any luck with the guides here (even after updating to the newer format),
i'm trying to use existing worldgen mods as a base. ( this one and this one)

my goal is to create a biome with the forge floor tiles (and possibly adding more after).

after an all nighter of bugs, i managed to make the mod not crash on start. my biome is now here, but however it's invisible. colliders works and borders shows up but the custom tile i'm trying to implement is invisible (the world generation loading screen is also weirdly long). what i understood from searching through the forum is that it might have something to do with the anim/build? i first tried to copy paste from the PvP mod and rename it (which was obviously not a solution), then i tried to use the build renamer to rename the name inside build.bin to the appropriate name. it solved the weirdly long generating screen, but when i checked, the biome was still invisible.

i'm out of solutions and i'm getting desperate, anyone would know how to fix this?
below are screenshots and the main code files.

thank you in advance!

DST mod issue2.png

DST mod issue.png

mod folder.png

DST mod issue3.png







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