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[Graphics] Resolution problem (refresh rate problem)

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WarpOs    10

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Resolution problem (refresh rate problem)

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Just set game resolution the same as the main monitor or open the game with monitor resolution.(1080p)

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I have 3 monitors. The one in the middle is the main. Displaced:

[ 1680x1050 ] - [ 1920x1080 ] - [ 1680x1050 ]      DVI             HDMI          DVI      AOC             LG           AOC 
LG D2342
Windows 7, set to extend (workspace), its not nVidia surround.

Its tearing, main monitor is in HDMI port.(As I discovered that it is because refresh rate change, while making the post)

I discovered what is happening, the game changes monitor refresh rate to 24, so every time I open/change resolution to 1080p the game (full screen obviously) it sets my monitor refresh rate to 24Hertz.


Sorry for my bad English. In the video its worse.

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Wade    282

We're aware of the issues with the refresh rate not working properly in some configurations.Can you try changing your refresh rate manually in the "Settings.ini" file at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve"?Thanks!

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