Don't starve switch refund policy?

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BlightMamba    2
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 I can deal with bugs, I can deal with delays, I can deal with quiet devs who are ACTIVELY fixing their products. I can not deal with buggy, incomplete products sold by developers who will not answer anyone's questions until weeks later only to make false promises of a "fix" that is nowhere to be found weeks after it was promised.  I honestly want a refund. This experience has tarnished both don't starve and klei entertainment in my eyes. Purchased this game expecting hours of entertainment (like I got from don't starve on the PC) but was sold hours of disappointment. What's your refund policy?

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Twix_cz    2

I am with you... there are better games which works right after release. This was a huge mistake. Maybe if we can manage decrease their metacritic score a little .... :evil: they´ll start listening :D

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