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Chase the Grade: Insane Challenge Spike

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TheKarpuk    2

I was doing fine with this game right up until Chase the Grade. I can accept failure in these games just fine, but Chase the Grade requires an unreasonable amount of sustained perfection compared to all the levels before it. There's a couple things that go into this.

1. Time. This is the first level with such a limited time requirement. You can't assess the situation for more than a second before the game starts literally blinding you, making it even harder to figure out what to do.

2. Lack of Checkpoints. I saw this brought up in another post, but it bares repeating. Every level before this had checkpoints. I actually looked up a playthrough of this level, and the fact that it's as long as other levels with no check points is ridiculous.

To be worth me playing through, the level would have to either be shorter or have checkpoints. After fully appreciating how much precision would be required to finish this level, I'm not sure I can keep at it. And the fact that the game currently gates progress not by stars, but by completing the previous challenge, and only the previous challenge, bottlenecks the ability to continue. Why create a star system that superficially resembles the one from a 3D Mario game if you're not going to offer any of the freedom.

I'll probably take a week away from this beta and see if anything changes with this.

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CarlZalph    1,874

Beta wave 2 has ended last night, so that week will be extended to however long it is until the next wave, alas!


For this map you'll need to invest multiple hours repeatedly going and failing over and over to complete.

It is a huge spike in difficulty to be sure, but once you do beat it the feeling is glorious.

I find that the map's beginning is the hardest part and easiest to mess up since it does need the precision of jumps to make it through.  After the wooden poles bit, however, you don't need to do any tricks or special maneuvers to beat the level.


I'm not sure what progress gate you're talking about- this is the last level in the map and you should be able to go to the master class map to pick up skills you'll be using in this chase the grade part.

Please don't feel obligated to get every (map/stage)'s stars 100% before moving on if you're unable to do it.  I tried this and it's a bad strategy for this title.  While possible to do, if you're missing or lacking the technical knowledge or capability then you would be best suited to going to a level that helps you learn it before trying to apply it.

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