Looking to play DST with a group

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Aleosvi    0

Hello, fellow players!

I'm looking to play a server with people during the summer. I'm based in US midwest, I used to main wicker, now wigfrid. I don't mind basing anywhere since I can transplant most stuff, but I prefer desert. I like to make a solid base in the first 20 days as to be able to explore and do stuff during winter. Looking for experienced players, but no need for pros, just people who can survive a few days on their own if need be. I haven't played much recently, but I have over 500 hours on the game. Happy to just play with some people and have fun.

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Alarsin    231

Hello there! I am also looking for people to play with. I have over 1000 hours in DST and I main Wolfgang and Woodie but can play pretty much any character if needed. I have a slight concern about playing during the summer however. I myself live in US West Coast but I will not be there during that summer. My PC is pretty decent and I should have a good internet connection but still might lag a little. My Steam if you want to contact me:

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