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Beware of bugs! Don’t Starve Switch is outdated

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Koipa    7
Posted (edited)

As far as I can see Switch edition is outdated by couple important bug/hotfixes plus those exlusive to switch. I think curent switch version is on original Home Sea Home update released on Nov. 21st, 2017. This version is missing updates/revisions: Rev. 243469(fixed animations of beefalo in vanila DS), Rev 243968(fixed baby beefalo animations in vanilla DS), Rev 245789 (fixed pirate bird hats in vanilla DS), Rev 246228(fixed missing walls in vanilla DS) and Rev 246924. Of course there are more important fixes missing in this switch version. Lets hope they added all these updates into upcoming switch patch they mentioned! 

you can check full list of bugs I found in the topic below:

If you experiencing same bugs please bring them to attention by making bug tickets or adding info to this topic! Some of those bugs are old plaquing other versions and as far as we can see those bugs made its way on switch!

Word from Devs would be nice to confirm future of this version! Because Vita version was left on 1.0 version (beefalo and rock lobster herding issues still present) without even considering updating it! 

More info on Reddit:

Word from devs would be nice regarding these bugs!
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swingecko    2

Man the season changing bug in caves is ruining my experience with the game, I seriously hope they'll fix it soon.

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