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Alarsin    213

Hello. I'm searching for players who know a thing or two about this game. About me:

I prefer exploring the whole map/most of the map before setting up a base and I also try to build a pig farm with 20+ houses before day 21. I have some megabase design plans but I'd be happy to hear any your ideas regarding that. I can play any character except for Webber. My preferred settings are all default (caves enabled) with disease turned off. I usually play without mods with the exception of Health Info and Grave refresh option in Your Rules. 1000+ hrs in DST.

Location: California, USA.


Oh yeah, and I don't have a mic.


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kertinker    153

about me: explored the whole map, built a pig farm with 3 houses by day 18, have a minorbase that isn't very usable since at my favorite orientation, the drying racks accidentally blocked three of my chests, since I just build things without any coherent plan whatsover, outside of "Don't base next to a frog pond." I use a ton of mods, which add some stupidly difficult things to my worlds. I had a lot of fun the one time I went down in the caves for ten minutes. And one day I may survive long enough to make it until winter. 10+ hrs

We're practically twins!

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