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What is your "win state" for a (base) game of Don't Starve?

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CosmoKine    32

As the title says, when would you say you've "beaten" a world in don't starve? After a boss? An intensive crafting recipe? Enslavement of all life?

Asking as a new player who's wondering how far this game can be taken before moving on to other games/dlc.

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Tyrwith    2

Winning for me means:

  1. At least one main base established in:
    1. At least one island in Shipwrecked (must include fish farms + dock + 5+ ballphin pens)
    2. Main RoG continent
    3. At least one cave
    4. At least one Ruins
  2. Bases must have teeth trap fields or a 24/7 defense like rock lobsters
  3. All four RoG bosses beaten and looted at least once
  4. At least one Ancient Guardian beaten and looted
  5. ~60 coffee plants split between one main base on Shipwrecked and one main base in RoG
  6. Items obtained:
    1. Walking cane
    2. Tam o' Shanter
    3. Several thulecite suits and crowns

I usually stop after that. I don't really feel the need to make continent-wide road systems with flooring and walls like some of the more elaborate players.

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Mencken    172

Defeating all bosses solo, Fuelweaver, Dragonfly, Bee Queen, Toad, Bearger, Klaus, Nightmare Shadow (from 3 marble sculptures) and Deerclops.   Cleared ruins 3 times in a row, have 200 Thulecite and a few dozen suits, crowns and clubs, about 50 dragon scale chests and 10-12 Houndius Shootius.

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Atsumame    51

Technically the game difficulty scale up to day 100, said day is when hound attacks are maxed out. If your base and yourself can handle this without a sweat then you are pretty much in new game +. Everything else you do is pretty much optional stuff that make you more and more powerful.

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