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updating problem

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orlyx    1


i change in mod info version from 0.0.2 to 0.0.3 and i change starting items and i cant update what i must do?

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K1NGT1GER609    50
Posted (edited)

Er don't starve together? This is the don't starve mod forums but that error is a bit confusing to say the least. Sometimes it happens when you have a file in the mod open, or when steam is being slow (since recently of the winter sale), or if the file is named differently from what it was looking for (like you uploaded a file named enston but put Enston- character, its looking for enston), and some other errors I can't remember from the top of my head. Other than that you can move the post to don't starve together mod forums (here help can take long times and has far less than dst.) or we can keep at it till we solve the problem.

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