Adjusting hats on a character mod

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sumat    1

I have an issue on my character mod, for some reason the hats are too big for hit and always sit on top of the head, or slightly float above, how can i tweak them so they fit more nicely, ive tried adjust things on spriter but nothing seems to work

i used extended sample character template to make it, could that be the issue?
id apreciate some help and tips, thank youu

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K1NGT1GER609    42

Hmm strange I don't know what you did to scml file to make the head base hat half viewable but here's some tips: The scml file is only for seeing how the character will appear in game. Its a common mistake new modder's do as moving around the pieces will either: appear cut off, go away from the character like under the map or appear like apart from the character, make other parts move as well, and ill cut it short a lot of problems making it hardly worth the effort. So the main thing to do is edit the png (body parts) files as those will give more results, either increase the head picture to reach the hats, shift the head upwards, and so forth. Also if you can remake the character on a unaltered scml file as a recommendation.

Note: I used the extended sample character (by dragon wolf leo) as well and did some comparisons to mine and made a conclusion that the scml parts were altered.

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