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Making character can eat wood.

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orlyx    1

Im very new in moding/scripting and i wanna know how can i make my character will be able to eat wood?(will grain +10 hunger +5 health)

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Sergio A V    0

I'm not too sure but I think you have to make logs (sticks and boards if you want too) edible items

This is code from gears.lua (because wx-78 can eat them)


    inst.components.edible.foodtype = "GEARS"
    inst.components.edible.healthvalue = TUNING.HEALING_HUGE
    inst.components.edible.hungervalue = TUNING.CALORIES_HUGE
    inst.components.edible.sanityvalue = TUNING.SANITY_HUGE

There's an example of how to modify a prefab here


This is the function (I believe) that allows wx-78 to eat gears


local fn = function(inst)
    inst.level = 0
    inst.charge_time = 0
    inst.spark_time = 3

    inst.components.eater.ignoresspoilage = true
    table.insert(inst.components.eater.foodprefs, "GEARS")

    inst:ListenForEvent("lightningstrike", onlightingstrike)

    local light = inst.entity:AddLight()
    inst.OnLongUpdate = function(inst, dt) 
        inst.charge_time = math.max(0, inst.charge_time - dt)

    inst:DoPeriodicTask(1/10, function() dorainsparks(inst, 1/10) end)
    inst.OnSave = onsave
    inst.OnLoad = onload
    inst.OnPreLoad = onpreload


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parityb1t    0
Posted (edited)

In `log.lua` and 'twigs.lua', it shows that wood logs are already edible

inst.components.edible.foodtype = "WOOD"

You can set the following for the `eater` component of your character


That will set in the eater component `self.foodprefs` to "WOOD". Which allows the character to eat wood (but I think wood only?). You can play around with eater.foodprefs to get the combination you desire for what character can eat.


Edited by parityb1t

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